Be the boss of the BOSS, Break Our Steganographic System!

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   Hall of Fame:
Binghamton University
Accuracy = 80.3%
Queens University
Accuracy = 76.8%
Andreas Westfeld
HTW Dresden
Accuracy = 67%
Czech Tech. Univ.
Accuracy = 65%
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The BOSS Contest (Break Our Steganographic System) has been inspired by the former BOWS contests on watermarking organised in 2005/2006 for BOWS and 2007/2008 for BOWS-2 . The currents organisers thank the organisers of the BOWS contests (M. Barni, A. Piva, S. Voloshynovskiy and F. Perez-Gonzalez and T. Furon) for the development of the first contests related to data-hiding technologies.

The current BOSS contest is organised and designed by:
- Tomáš Pevný (Researcher in Czech Technical University, Prague).
- Tomáš Filler (PhD Student in Binghamton University, USA).
- Patrick Bas (CNRS researcher in Lagis, France, former researcher in Gipsa-lab)

The organisers would like to acknowledge:

- Herve Colasuonno (Grenoble INP), Jean-Marc Sache (CNRS) and the Research Unit of Gipsa-lab for the BOSS web site hosting and help on the maintenance.

- Michal Svoboda (Czech Technical University) for the hosting of the BOSSbase .

- Sauro Spagnoli from Trimatica for the Server conception.

- A famous fashion brand for the name of the embedding algorithm.

- Jessica Fridrich for the meaning of the name of the embedding algorithm.

- Thomas Gloe, Rainer Boehme, Matthias Kirchner for advises on the building of the BOSS image database .

- Peter Meerwald for providing a script to benchmark the server .