Monday, May 5

Session I (9:00 - 10:30) - Agent based simulation for traffic and transportation

  • Opening
  • Nam Huynh, Vu Lam Cao, Rohan Wickramasuriya, Matthew Berryman, Pascal Perez and Johan Barthelemy. An Agent Based Model for the Simulation of Road Traffic and Transport Demand in A Sydney Metropolitan Area
  • Tiago M. L. Azevedo, Paulo J. M. De Araújo, Rosaldo J. F. Rossetti and Ana Paula C. Rocha. JADE, TraSMAPI and SUMO: A tool-chain for simulating traffic light control
  • Patrick Taillandier. Traffic simulation with the GAMA platform

Coffee break

Session II (11:00 - 12:30) - Optimization and resource sharing in transportation systems

  • Ana L. C. Bazzan. Learning-based traffic assignment: how heterogeneity in route choices pays off
  • Vincent Baines and Julian Padget. On the benefit of collective norms for autonomous vehicles
  • Masabumi Furuhata, Kenny Daniel, Sven Koenig, Fernando Ordonez, Maged Dessouky, Marc-Etienne Brunet, Liron Cohen and Xiaoqing Wang. Online Cost-Sharing Mechanism Design for Demand-Responsive Transport Systems


Session III (14:00 - 15:30) - Tutorials

Coffee break

Session IV (16:00 - 17:30) - Smart City perspective on ITS

  • Emmanuel Dinanga and Marcia Pasin. Equitable Vehicle-based Intersection Control in Transportation Networks
  • Luis Macedo, Hernani Costa and F. Amílcar Cardoso. Overcoming Information Overload with Artificial Selective Agents: an Application to Travel Information Domain
  • Andrea Sassi and Franco Zambonelli. Towards an Agent Coordination Framework for Smart Mobility Services
  • Claudia Di Napoli, Dario Di Nocera and Silvia Rossi. Negotiating Parking Spaces in Smart Cities

Tuesday, May 6

Session V (9:00 - 10:30) - Games and negotiation strategies in practical traffic management

  • Paul Bouman, Leo Kroon, Gabor Maroti and Peter Vervest. Capacity, Information and Minority Games in Public Transport
  • László Zsolt Varga. Online Routing Games and the Benefit of Online Data
  • Antonio Arruda Junior, Li Weigang and Kamila Nogueira. Enhancement of Airport Collaborative Decision Making through Applying Agent System with Matching Theory

Coffee break

Session VI (11:00 - 12:30) - Pedestrian dynamics

  • Luca Crociani, Andrea Gorrini and Giuseppe Vizzari. Pedestrian Dynamics in Presence of Groups: an Agent-Based Model Applied to a Real World Case Study
  • Patrick Simo Kanmeugne and Aurélie Beynier. Simulating Autonomous Pedestrians Navigation : A Generic Multi-Agent Model to Couple Individual and Collective Dynamics
  • Antoine Tordeux, Mohcine Chraibi and Armin Seyfried. Influence of the interaction range on the stability of following models
Banner photo by dariuszka via photopin cc