Jan Faigl - Publications


  • Faigl, J. and Vonásek, V. and Přeučil, L.: Visiting Convex Regions in a Polygonal Map. Robotics and Autonomous Systems. 2013.
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  • Kulich, M. and Chudoba, J. and K., Košnar. and Krajník, T. and Faigl, J. and Přeučil, L.: SyRoTek - Distance Teaching of Mobile Robotics. IEEE Transactions on Education. 2013, vol. 56, p. 18--23.
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  • Fišer, D. and Faigl, J. and Kulich, M.: Growing neural gas efficiently. Neurocomputing. 2013, vol. 104, p. 72--82.
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  • Faigl, J. and Kulich, M. and Vonásek, V. and Přeučil, L.: An Application of Self-Organizing Map in the non-Euclidean Traveling Salesman Problem. Neurocomputing. 2011, vol. 74, p. 671--679.
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  • Faigl, J.: Approximate Solution of the Multiple Watchman Routes Problem With Restricted Visibility Range. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks. 2010, vol. 21, p. 1668--1679.
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  • Krajník, T. and Faigl, J. and Vonásek, V. and Košnar, K. and Kulich, M. and Přeučil, L.: Simple, Yet Stable Bearing-Only Navigation. Journal of Field Robotics. 2010, vol. 27, p. 511--533. ISSN 1556-4959.
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