two postdoc research positions in multiagent systems, game theory, automated planning, autonomous systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence, intelligent transport systems  and cybersecurity (PhD positions, research assistant positions also available)


Agent Technology Center, Department of Computer Science, Czech Technical University in Prague, run by prof. Michal Pechoucek, seeks a postdoctoral researcher to perform research in the field of multiagent systems and their applications. This is an open position, which can be tailored to highly motivated, creative individuals, who are going to contribute to research projects in the domains of multiagent systems, game theory, automated planning, autonomous systems UAV, transport systems modeling and optimization or network and computer security. The researcher will be expected to build her own research portfolio, while contributing to projects that are funded primarily by European FP7 programme, US government (ONR, ARL, AFRL, FAA) or key industrial sponsors. 


Intelligent Transport

Maritime Piracy

Air Traffic Control

Autonomous Systems

Cyber Security

The successful candidate is expected to have artificial intelligence or computer science background, preferably in one of the areas listed above. The candidate is expected to design and modify the new and existing algorithms and techniques and shall be ready to contribute to development and experimental evaluation of software prototypes of the investigated algorithms and techniques.  The candidate will be also evaluated on the basis of past publication activity and its impact. Presenting the research results and capability to compete with the state-of-the-art research community is an indispensable quality the center is looking for.

The position is opened at one of the oldest technical universities, located in center of Prague, in the center with strong research in artificial intelligence and excellent results in applying the theoretical concepts to real-world problems. If interested, the candidate will be also invited to contribute to teaching. The candidate will work in the friendly environment composed of motivated, young, team-oriented individuals.

Note: Permanent legal right to reside and work in the EU is preferred.

Salary for postdoc position: approx. 1.5 multiple of average 2012 salary in Prague, allowing for a comfortable living standard in the capital.

Duration of the contract:  12 - 24 months, extensions possible

Please submit your CV and motivation letter to prof. Michal Pechoucek,